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Positive news from Switzerland

More positive news from Switzerland

Re-start for ‘Big Bang’ machine

Source: BBC, Fri November 20, 2009
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiment has been re-started after a hiatus of 14 months.

New evidence that dark chocolate helps ease emotional stress

Source: EurekAlert!, Fri November 13, 2009
The "chocolate cure" for emotional stress is getting new support from a clinical trial published online in ACS' Journal of Proteome Research.

VisionWorks Award 2009: Big Prizes for Vertical Gardens, Bacteria Packaging and More

Source: Cargo77, Thu November 12, 2009
Congrats to Manuel Dreesmann who received the first prize at this year's VisionWorks Award -- Cargopacks 2020.

UN health agency set to receive 50 million H1N1 vaccines for developing countries

Source: UN News Centre, Tue November 10, 2009
A giant pharmaceutical company is slated to donate 50 million doses of the pandemic H1N1 vaccine to the United Nations public health arm, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced today.

Constructive Start To Iran Talks, Says UK

Source: Bernama, Sat October 03, 2009
The British government has welcomed the encouraging start in the resumption of six-party talks with Iran in Geneva over its nuclear programme, which it hopes will continue in the spirit of goodwill and flexibility.

New publication shows index insurance has potential to help manage climate risks and reduce poverty

Source: EurekAlert!, Thu June 25, 2009
Climate has always presented a challenge to farmers, herders, fishermen and others whose livelihoods are closely linked to their environment, particularly those in poor areas of the world.

WHO unites vaccine manufactures to fight flu epidemic

The World Health Organization’s Director General Dr. Margaret Chan met Tuesday with over 30 vaccine manufacturers from developing and developed countries at Geneva to fight flu epidemic.

Turkey-Armenia breakthrough welcomed

Source: Financial Times, Fri April 24, 2009
The US and the European Commission yesterday hailed a breakthrough between Turkey and Armenia that could end one of the most intractable disputes left from the collapse of the Soviet Union, but also called for sustained political effort to break the deadlock.

Cherry-flavored malaria drug launched for kids

Source: Asssociated Press, Sat February 21, 2009
Dakar, Senegal - Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis is launching a new cherry-flavored malaria drug that it says children will be less likely to spit out.

Incredible Hotel Made From Salvaged Wine Casks

Source: Inhabitat, Fri January 16, 2009
Stavoren, Netherlands - Ever fallen asleep alongside a good glass of French wine?

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