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Positive news from Tanzania

Fighting cancer with cell phones

Only innovation can reduce illness and poverty in Africa, according to a program that is funding creative approaches to healthcare in developing countries.

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More positive news from Tanzania

Fighting cancer with cell phones

Source: CNN, Sat November 24, 2012
Only innovation can reduce illness and poverty in Africa, according to a program that is funding creative approaches to healthcare in developing countries.

Ten African nations pledge to transform their economies to take nature into account

Source: MongaBay, Thu June 14, 2012
Last month ten African nations, led by Botswana, pledged to incorporate 'natural capital' into their economies. Natural capital, which seeks to measure the economic worth of the services provided by ecosystems and biodiversity—for example pollination, clean water, and carbon—is a nascent, but growing, method to curtail environmental damage and ensure more sustainable development.

Breaking news: Serengeti road cancelled

Story contains video Source: , Thu June 23, 2011
In what is a victory for environmentalists, scientists, tourism, and the largest land migration on Earth, the Tanzanian government has cancelled a road that would have cut through the northern portion of the Serengeti National Park.

World Bank proposes road to save Serengeti migration

Source: Reuters, Fri March 04, 2011
The World Bank has offered Tanzania an alternative to stop a major road project across the Serengeti national park that conservationists say threatens one of Africa's biggest wildlife spectacles.

Female candidates in upcoming Tanzanian polls to receive UN election training

Source: , Sun September 05, 2010
The United Nations is seeking to empower women candidates ahead of Tanzania’s general elections in October, including by improving their skills in public speaking, media engagement, campaign planning, presentations, community mobilization, advocacy and lobbying.

Unique Acacia Tree Could Nourish Soils And Life In Africa

Source: TerraDaily, Fri September 04, 2009
Scientists have said at the 2nd World Congress of Agroforestry that a type of acacia tree with an unusual growth habit -- unlike virtually all other trees -- holds particular promise for farmers in Africa as a free source of nitrogen for their soils that could last generations.

Student buys African orphanage

Source: The Telegraph, Tue April 28, 2009
Amy Lambert, 24, set about gathering funds after witnessing the horrors at the decrepit Kichijo Orphanage in Tanzania.

Youth’s trip to Tanzania turns into calling

Source: Tulsa World, Mon March 30, 2009
Kitongo, Tanzania - It all started with a Tulsa woman's promise seven years ago to take one of her grandsons on a safari to Tanzania.

Malaria vaccine trials show promise

Source: Terra Daily, Sun December 14, 2008
London, England, UK - British researchers, reporting success with malaria vaccine trials, are calling for the next phase of development -- a broader vaccination base.

VIDEO: New Shrew Discovered this article opens in a new window

Source: National Geographic, Fri March 28, 2008
The largest species of giant elephant shrew has been discovered in Tanzania, and it may actually have an ancient connection to elephants.

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