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Positive news from Tanzania

More positive news from Tanzania

Tanzania banning plastic bags ‘to protect the environment’

Source: Plastic & Rubber Weekly, Tue April 11, 2006
Dodoma, Tanzania - Thin plastic bags are to be banned in Tanzania as part of measures to protect the environment.

UAE donates $500 million to ease hunger

Source: IPP Media, Mon March 27, 2006
Dar es Salaam, United Arab Emirates - The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has donated to Tanzania about 2bn Dirham ($540 million US) to help the country deal with famine crisis due to prolonged drought.

Tanzanian President Bans Deforestation To Save Kilimanjaro

Source: Terra Daily, Tue March 21, 2006
Arusha, Tanzania - Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete on Monday banned tree felling and harvesting of timber in reserved forest areas in a move aimed at halting rapid environmental degradation, including melting of ice on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Photo in the News: Rare White Giraffe Spotted in Africa

Source: National Geographic News, Wed September 14, 2005
Tarangire National Park, Tanzania - He had only a ghost of a chance, but after more than a decade of searching, a wildlife researcher has captured proof of a white giraffe.

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