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U.N. Court Orders Japan to Halt Antarctic Whaling

Story contains video Source: New York Times, Mon March 31, 2014
The decision to ban Japan’s annual whaling drive off Antarctica, handed down by the United Nations’ highest court on Monday, is a hard-won victory for conservationists who have long argued that Tokyo’s whaling research is a cover for commercial whaling.

Nations agree on legally binding mercury rules

Source: BBC, Sat January 19, 2013
More than 140 countries have agreed on a set of legally binding measures to curb mercury pollution, at UN talks.

Human Rights Council backs Internet freedom

Source: New York Daily News, Sat July 07, 2012
Despite opposition from India, China and Russia, the UN Human Rights Council passed its first resolution on Internet freedom, to support individuals’ rights online.

Global alliance aims to tackle forest crime

Source: BBC, Sat June 09, 2012
Interpol and the United Nations have joined forces to launch an initiative to tackle global forest crime.

World meets UN safe water goal

Source: Terra Daily, Wed March 07, 2012
The world has easily beaten a 2015 deadline to halve the proportion of people drinking unsafe water, the United Nations Children's Fund and the World Health Organisation said Tuesday.

Aids-related deaths ‘down 21% from peak’, says UNAids

Source: BBC, Wed November 23, 2011
Aids-related deaths are at the lowest level since their 2005 peak, down 21%, figures from UNAids suggest.

‘Historic’ deal to halt hazardous waste export to south

Source: Terra Daily, Fri October 28, 2011
Leading world economies will no longer be able to export hazardous waste to poorer nations unless they obtain the latter's consent, a spokesman from the UN environment agency said Tuesday.

UN Shipping Group Moves on Vessel Emission Reductions

Source: Triple Pundit, Thu July 21, 2011
An International Maritime Organization panel adopted what it calls mandatory design and operational measures to reduce greenhouse gases from international shipping.

Green energy investment hits record global high

Source: BBC, Thu July 07, 2011
Global investment in renewable energy sources grew by 32% during 2010 to reach a record level of US$211bn (£132bn), a UN study has reported.

Deadly cattle disease eradicated, UN declares

Source: CBC, Tue June 28, 2011
A cattle disease that has caused hardship and hunger for millennia has been eliminated from the world, the United Nations formally announced Tuesday.

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