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World’s first broadband environmental TV channel launches today

Source: UN News Centre, Sun April 02, 2006
New York City - The world's first broadband TV channel dedicated to environmental issues - called '' and developed with support from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) - is being launched today, aiming to become a "one-stop shop" of broadcast information on the environment covering everything from climate change to children's stories on wildlife.

Cross-Border Parks Form Havens for Biodiversity

Source: Planet Ark, Fri March 31, 2006
Curitiba, Brazil - Huge nature reserves that stretch across national frontiers are being formed in Asia, South America and elsewhere, a sign that biodiversity has joined security and immigration as a border issue.

UN health agency launches new ‘Stop TB’ strategy to treat 50 million people

Source: UN News Centre, Sun March 19, 2006
Geneva, Switzerland - n an effort to reduce the 1.7 million deaths caused by tuberculosis (TB) every year, a new strategy to fight the disease in its varied incarnations was launched today by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Coca-Cola commits to engage in UN Global Compact

Source: Strategiy, Wed March 15, 2006
United Nations - The Coca-Cola Company has confirmed its support for the United Nations Global Compact, publicly expressing the Company's serious commitment to taking a corporate leadership role in the focus areas of the Global Compact: human rights, labor rights, protection of the environment, and anti-corruption.

Kofi Annan hails air ticket tax to fund development

Source: Mail and Guardian, Tue February 28, 2006
Paris, France - United Nations chief Kofi Annan hailed France's idea to tax airline tickets to fund development aid on Tuesday, in an address at the opening of an international conference in Paris.

UN agency launches new ‘green’ initiative for world’s construction industry

Source: UN News Centre, Sat February 25, 2006
Paris, France - Together with some of the biggest names in the multi-billion dollar building and construction sector, the United Nations environmental agency today launched a new international effort to 'green' the industry, from curbing global warming gas emissions to preventing the plundering of pristine beaches for sand.

UN supports project aimed at providing cheap laptops to students in poor countries

Source: UN News Centre, Sun January 29, 2006
Davos, Switzerland - A pioneering $100 laptop programme, designed to give children in poor countries access to knowledge and educational tools, came a step closer to realization today with the signing of a partnership agreement in Davos, Switzerland, between the main United Nations development agency and the organization responsible for the initiative.

Unesco honour for Jane Goodall

Source: Cool Science, Sat January 21, 2006
Paris, France - British scientist Jane Goodall, whose work with African primates has brought international recognition, was on Tuesday given a Unesco honour for her fight to protect humankind's nearest animal cousins.

Record number of donors supported UN Population Fund in 2005

Source: UN News Centre, Sun January 08, 2006
World - More countries contributed to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in 2005 than in any year since its establishment in 1969, bringing the number of donors supporting the reproductive health and women’s rights agency up to 171, compared to the 2004 record of 166.

Hungary’s ratification of UN-backed treaty triggers new protections for Europe’s forests

Source: UN News Centre, Wed January 04, 2006
Europe - A United Nations-backed treaty meant to conserve a vast area of forests, streams and mountains in the heart of Europe sprang to life today as Hungary became the fourth nation -along with the Slovak Republic, Ukraine and the Czech Republic - to ratify it.

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