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UN Moves to Protect Children in Armed Conflict

Source: Voice of America, Tue August 02, 2005
New York City - The U.N. Security Council has adopted a resolution aimed at protecting children caught up in armed conflict.

Funds at last coming in for hunger-racked Niger, but more still needed - UN

Source: UN News Centre, Sat July 23, 2005
Niger - Only days after doubling its emergency appeal for Niger, where 2.5 million people face a hunger crisis and thousands of children have already died, the United Nations will again increase the amount it is seeking, but at last funds are coming in after a long period of neglected warnings, the top UN relief coordinator said today.

Network of UN ecological reserves adds 22 new sites

Source: UN News Centre, Wed July 06, 2005
New York City - Ranging from coastal mangrove forests to desert mountains chains, and stretching from Chile to Mongolia, 22 ecosystems have been added to a United Nations programme that promotes sustainable development on a scientific basis with the active involvement of local communities.

Tsunami alert network to link up 27 countries

Source: The Herald, Tue July 05, 2005
Paris - A UN oceans commission agreed yestersday to work with 27 countries on a tsunami warning system for the Indian Ocean, with a network of deep-sea sensors and broadcast alerts to prevent a repeat of the disaster in December.

Parties to UN-backed treaty further reduce use of ozone-destroying pesticide

Source: UN News Centre, Sun July 03, 2005
Montreal, Canada - The 189 member Governments of a United Nations-sponsored treaty to protect the world's ozone layer, which filters out ultraviolet solar rays that cause skin cancer and other ills, today finalized an agreement under which developed countries will reduce their use of an ozone-destroying pesticide.

WHO says fear of global bird flu pandemic easing

Source: CBC, Fri July 01, 2005
International scientists have downgraded the risk of an imminent bird flu pandemic, hailing as "very good news" indications that the virus has not mutated.

India teams with UN to fight spread of HIV/AIDS among military personnel

Source: UN News Centre, Fri April 29, 2005
New York City - The Government of India and the United Nations agency fighting HIV/AIDS today launched a joint campaign to educate Indian military personnel about the deadly disease.

UN agency marks 30th anniversary of fall of Saigon with refugee success story

Source: UN News Centre, Fri April 29, 2005
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - On the eve of the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of Saigon, the United Nations refugee agency today highlighted the success story of one of its veteran alumni, a 6-year-old Vietnamese boy who fled in his pyjamas aboard a dangerously overcrowded boat and now works as a doctor improving childbirth practices on the Tibetan plateau.

Next UN chief will be from Asia: Annan

Source: Sify, Thu April 28, 2005
New Delhi - United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan on Thursday indicated that the next chief of the world body would be from Asia when his term ends next year.

U.N.: Marburg Virus Coming Under Control

Source: Newsday, Sun April 24, 2005
London, England - Medical teams trying to stamp out the worst recorded incidence of Marburg virus in Angola are beginning to get the deadly outbreak under control as cooperation from stricken communities improves, the U.N. health agency said Saturday.

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