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Malaria gets ‘ugly’ on hit US comedy show – UN

Source: UN News Centre, Sat October 17, 2009
A United Nations-backed campaign to raise awareness about malaria --which claims over 1 million lives annually -- has a starring role on the season premiere of the hit United States television comedy, “Ugly Betty.”

First global illegal fishing treaty agreed: UN

Source: SeedDaily, Fri September 04, 2009
A group of 91 countries have agreed on a treaty that will block ships involved in illegal fishing from entering signatory ports and thus help prevent the fish going to market, the UN said on Tuesday.

New publication shows index insurance has potential to help manage climate risks and reduce poverty

Source: EurekAlert!, Thu June 25, 2009
Climate has always presented a challenge to farmers, herders, fishermen and others whose livelihoods are closely linked to their environment, particularly those in poor areas of the world.

Chad hands over 84 child soldiers to UNICEF

Source: Press TV, Sun June 14, 2009
Chad says it has handed over 84 child soldiers captured during a Sudan-based rebel offensive last month to the UN children's organization, UNICEF.

WHO unites vaccine manufactures to fight flu epidemic

The World Health Organization’s Director General Dr. Margaret Chan met Tuesday with over 30 vaccine manufacturers from developing and developed countries at Geneva to fight flu epidemic.

UN official ‘encouraged’ by new US stance on reaching climate change pact

Source: UN News Centre, Sat March 07, 2009
United Nations - There is “enthusiasm” in the current United States Government to pass laws to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and a willingness to work towards a new global climate change pact, a top United Nations official said today.

Global fiscal stimulus funds could jump-start world economy—UN report

Source: UN News Centre, Tue February 17, 2009
Nairobi, Kenya - Investing one-third of the roughly $2.5 trillion planned stimulus funds in "greening" the global economy will give a large boost to efforts to lift the world out of recession, according to a new United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) released today.

Bill Gates hands over millions more to eradicate polio

Source: Scientific American, Sat February 07, 2009
San Diego, California, USA - The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rotary International and the British and German governments today pledged $630 million over the next five years to vaccine and other programs designed to wipe out polio.

Afghan school children to get Japanese aid

Source: The Hindu News, Fri January 23, 2009
United Nations - Tens of thousands of school children in Afghanistan are set to benefit from a USD 24 million donation from Japan under an agreement signed with the UNICEF to construct around 1,000 classrooms.

‘Green’ stimulus plans by Japan and Republic of Korea hailed by UN environment chief

Source: UN News Centre, Mon January 12, 2009
United Nations - The announcement that Japan and the Republic of Korea will invest billions of dollars in environmentally smart projects to create jobs and spur economic growth is the latest sign that the Green New Deal advocated by the United Nations is gaining momentum, the head of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) said today.

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