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Positive news from Washington D.C.

More positive news from Washington D.C.

North Korea agrees to nuclear moratorium

Source: BBC, Wed February 29, 2012
North Korea has agreed to suspend uranium enrichment, as well as nuclear and long-range missile tests, following talks with the US.

Obama Budget Would Cut $40 Billion in Fossil-Fuel Credits

Source: Bloomberg, Wed February 15, 2012
President Barack Obama, who pledged an “all of the above” energy strategy that included fossil fuels, renewed his proposal to cut more than $40 billion in tax breaks for oil, gas and coal producers in the next decade to spend more for conservation and alternate energy.

Support wanes in US Congress for anti-piracy bill

Source: BBC, Thu January 19, 2012
Eight US lawmakers have withdrawn their support for anti-piracy laws, after 'blackout' protests on thousands of internet sites.

Keystone oil sands pipeline rejected, for now

Source: CNN, Thu January 19, 2012
The Obama administration rejected a bid to expand the controversial Keystone oil sands pipeline Wednesday, saying the deadline imposed by Congress did not leave sufficient time to conduct the necessary review.

US rolls out historic mercury limits for power plants

Source: Kansas Star, Thu December 22, 2011
Unveiling a historic rule, the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday announced the first national requirement for the nation's coal-fired power plants to reduce emissions of mercury, arsenic, cyanide and other toxic pollutants.

US Coal Plant Pollution Down

Source: Discovery News, Fri December 16, 2011
Breathe easier, sulfur dioxide pollution from coal plants in the eastern United States dropped by nearly half compared to 2005 levels, reported a team of researchers in Geophysical Research Letters.

Obama Administration bows to pressure, delays tar sands pipeline

Source: MongaBay, Sat November 12, 2011
In what can only be described as a major victory for green activists, the Obama Administration has announced it will delay a decision on TransCanada's controversial Keystone XL pipeline for 12-18 months.

‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ ban on gays in US military ends

Source: BBC, Wed September 21, 2011
A policy banning open homosexuality in the US military has been repealed after nearly two decades.

Huntsman calls on US Republicans to accept science

Source: AFP via Yahoo, Tue August 23, 2011
Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman took a swipe at his rivals and warned his party against rejecting science in an interview that will air Sunday.

U.S. Bans Rights Abusers, Strengthens Effort Against Atrocities

Source: Radio Free Europe, Mon August 08, 2011
To help 'ensure that the United States does not become a safe haven for serious violators of human rights,' U.S. President Barack Obama today issued a proclamation barring the entry of individuals said to be involved in systematic violence, war crimes, and other severe rights violations.

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